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Wednesday, 06 August 2008 16:47
  Mortocycle Tracker with Alarm
  • Product name: Vehicle/Motorcycle GPS Tracker & Alarm
  • Model number: VMT-2000
Home VMT-2000


  1. The owner will get an alarm by phone automatically from the system if there is any illegal activation and shaken caused by motorcycle thieves.
  2. If the power supply of the system is broken suddenly, or anti-thief host is dismantled or cut, the system will alarm automatically.
  3. The owner can monitor his/her motorcycle at any time by a phone.
  4. The owner can do GPS positioning at any time by calling the system or sending a message.
  5. The owner can set a driving speed limit and when the speed is over-speed, the system will automatically alarm the owner.
  6. The owner can real-time test driving speed by phone.
  7. The owner can call the monitoring center to set a driving boundary. And if your motorcycle is over-boundary, you will get an alarm from the system automatically.
  8. The owner can call the monitoring center to real-time trace his motorcycle.
  9. The owner can stop his/her motorcycle step by step through calling the system.


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